You can build healthy, happy relationships.

The Engle Center provides therapy and coaching to individuals, families, and couples who struggle with their relationships.

Many of our clients grew up in dysfunctional families and never learned how to build satisfying relationships.  Thankfully, just about anyone can learn the principles of healthy relating if they have the right kind of support.

In addition to our general relationship therapy & coaching services, we run two specialty clinics:


Bay Area Dating Coach

Bay Area Dating Coach helps singles get the information, training, and support they need to skillfully date and find love.  Since 2009, we've helped hundreds of singles enjoy countless first kisses, second dates, and long-lasting relationships.

social Anxiety support center

Social Anxiety Support Center offers therapy to professionals whose social anxiety keeps them from reaching their career goals.  Whether you're afraid to interview for your dream job, struggling to fulfill your current position, or too terrified to climb up the career ladder, we're here for you.